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Knox Power Company is a private 1 on 1 personal training studio established in 2017. Devin and Emily Knox created Knox Power Company to empower people to improve their physical and mental health and get KPC Strong to overcome all of life's challenges. Together they have over 20 years experience training various forms of exercise to help a wide range of people achieve their goals.




Aaron Chrietzberg

For anyone who pursues it, strength training involves great effort, commitment, and consistency.  Devin Knox is the kind of coach that invests himself in his client's success and personal journey to health so your money and effort are never wasted.   I came to strength training at 40 years old. He keeps me focused where others have not been able to and I can attest to the results.


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9331 Fraser Ave. Silver Spring MD 20910

(240) 221-1269

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